Name Paul - Meaning and origin

Name Paul - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Courts, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

From Latin "paulus", small.


The painters Veronese Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne and Paul Delvaux; writers and poets Paul Eluard, Paul Verlaine, Paul Valery, Paul Claudel, Paul Morand and Paul Guth; actors Paul Newman and Jean-Paul Belmondo; singers Paul McCartney and Paul Personne; the encyclopedist Paul Robert or the explorer Paul-Émile Victor.

Many saints bore this name, including St. Paul, one of the apostles of Christ. Of Jewish origin (his name was Saul in Hebrew), he devoted himself to evangelization after seeing Christ.

His character :

With his quick wit and curiosity, Paul is constantly seeking new knowledge. He has ideas in his head and willingly discover new horizons. Methodical and applied, he puts all his heart into the work and is not easily distracted. Elitist in friendship, we often recognize a haughty and cold side. In fact, he is a loyal and loyal friend who has difficulty in trusting him. He is demanding in the choice of his friends. As a child, Paul loves being pampered and enjoys being the center of attention.


Pol, Pablo, Pauly, Paulino, Paolino, Paulian, Pavel, Pawel, Pawl, Pavlik, Paolo, Pablito, Pablo, Paol, Paolo, Paulian, Paulin, Paulinian, Paulino, Paulinu, Paulinus, Paulo, Paulot, Paulus, Pavel, Pavlik, Pavlos, Pawl, Pol, Polo and Polog.

His party :

The Paul are celebrated on June 29th.

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