Name Pavel - Meaning and origin

Name Pavel - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Latins, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

Of Latin origin, Pavel is a variant of Paulus, surname of a prestigious Roman family of the first centuries.


Russian ice hockey player Pavel Boure, Russian illustrator Pavel Orinianski, Russian footballer Pavel Nekchaychik, Russian politician Pavel Borodin, Soviet poet Pavel Antokolski (deceased in 1978), Russian philosopher Pavel Leontiev (died 1874) , Ukrainian politician Pavel Goubarev, Russian fencer Pavel Kolobkov, Czech athlete Pavel Maslak ...

His character :

Pavel is bold and determined. He is ready to do what is necessary to realize his dreams. Intrepid, he will stop at nothing. He does not shy away from his goals. Endowed with an unshakable confidence in him, he does not let himself be influenced in his decisions. Authoritarian, but diplomatic, Pavel embodies a perfect leader. He demonstrates an exceptional ability to adapt, which attracts the sympathy of those around him. Communicative, it feeds on social exchanges. With an overflowing imagination, Pavel tends to embellish as much as to dramatize things. A bit marginal, he likes to stand out.

Playful of action, Pavel is a go-getter. He has the taste of risk and does not hesitate to train his loved ones in his adventure. A born chef, he knows how to manage and motivate his allies. He is not only loyal, but also devoted to his friends.



His party :


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