Name Rudolph - Meaning and origin

Name Rudolph - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Rodolphe, Rudolph is made up of Germanic roots hrod and wulf, resulting respectively in "glory" and "wolf".


Polish director and film producer Rudolph Maté (d. 1964), Italian actor Rudolph Valentino (d. 1926), Danish composer and music historian Rudolph Simonsen (d. 1947), American cartoonist Rudolph Dirks (d. in 1968), the French rugby player Rudolph Bérek, the American guitarist and composer Rudolph Gray, the German physicist Rudolph Franz (died in 1902), the American chemist Rudolph Marcus, the Russian botanist Rudolph Kaméline ...

Born around the beginning of the 9th century in Limoges, Saint Rodolphe, also called Raoul, was the Bishop of Bourges. Pious and virtuous, he was nicknamed the father of the fatherland. Not only did Rodolphe manage the affairs of the church perfectly, but he participated actively in political life. He fought for the establishment of peace in the country. He died on June 26, 866.

His character :

At first glance, Rudolph seems not very communicative, but is not introverted. He just takes care of selecting his friends. He perfectly embodies the proverb "Better to be alone than badly accompanied". In his friendly relations, Rudolph attaches great importance to honesty and loyalty.

A born intellectual, he likes to isolate himself to think. Rudolph stands out for his seriousness and dynamism when he is involved in an activity. With his alert mind, he quickly becomes the centerpiece of his team. Leader in the soul, he has a developed sense of listening. He knows how to manage a troop perfectly.


Rudolf, Rudolph, Rodolphe, Rodolf ...

His party :

The people named Rudolph are honored on June 21st.

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