Name Ibrahima - Meaning and origin

Name Ibrahima - Meaning and origin

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The name Ibrahima is a derivative of Ibrahim which is the Arabic form of Abraham. It can mean "father of nations", "he loved father" or "father loves".


Ibrahima Traouré is a Guinean football player. Ibrahima Conte is a footballer of Guinean origin. Ibrahima Touré is Senegalese footballer. Ibrahima Bakayoko is a football player of Ivorian origin. Ibrahima Mbaye is a Senegalese footballer.

The Ibrahima are celebrated on the same day as Abraham. Abraham is a character of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion. He is also considered the patriarch of the Arab and Hebrew peoples as well as the founder of monotheism.

His character :

Ibrahima is a nervous and complex boy who hides under a facade of calm and phlegm. In reality, he is a great thinker who internalizes his feelings and reflections. Showing a cold logic, he is guided only by his impressions and his intelligence. Ibrahima has a curious mind, prompt to analysis and criticism. Being most often of a skeptical nature, he is considered a marginal by his entourage. In society, he often feels inadequate, rigid, possessive, stubborn and often subject to fixed ideas. Ibrahima is best known for his changing character and contradictory attitude. Sometimes, he gets carried away into an imaginary world where he realizes all his projects brilliantly. Faced with the harsh realities of life, he will tend to indulge in pessimism and depression. Eager to rush events to his advantage, Ibrahima must learn patience in order to carry out all his projects.


Abraham, Ibrahim, Ibrahime and Ybrahima.

His party :

The Ibrahima are celebrated on October 9th.

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