Name Igor - Meaning and origin

Name Igor - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Germanic name ingward, the warrior of the god ing, god of fertility and peace in Norse mythology.


The great musician Igor Stravinsky helped to make it known. The French animator, producer and essayist Igor Bogdanoff; the Russian guitarist, author and composer Igor Presnyakov; Professor and consultant of Russian-American origin in business strategy Igor Ansoff or former ballet dancer Igor Anatolyevich Zelinski.

Saint Igor was in the twelfth century a young prince of Muscovy became a monk.

His character :

Igor is a reserved and mistrustful boy who hides behind a cold and distant attitude. In reality, he is very sensitive and needs to be encouraged so that he can gain self-confidence and assert himself. Of great intelligence, Igor has a strong tendency to rely on logic and rules, which makes him a bit rigid and hard on others. It is important to refer to group activities so that he can overcome his natural shyness and fully develop. Not inclined to sports, he prefers to read or solve problems and puzzles. If this attitude can not harm him, it must however push him to seek the company of other children.


Ingvar, Ingvarr, Ingver, Ingwar.

His party :

The Igor are celebrated on June 5th.

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