Tour de France nomenclature: Louison, Laurent, Bernard, Jeannie, Eddy

Tour de France nomenclature: Louison, Laurent, Bernard, Jeannie, Eddy

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In honor of the Tour de France, let's look at names of champions ... who have proven themselves! They are no longer in the race, but their names are still in the race. Louison, Laurent, Bernard, Jeannie, Eddy: discover the origin, the date of celebration and the derivatives of these first names.

Louison (Bobet)

  • First name mixed.
  • Diminutive of Louis (or Louise), of the Germanic "hold", illustrious, and "wig", fight, this name is today as well given to girls or boys, even if, in XVIIe, it was rather feminine.
  • Louis was the first name of the famous cycling champion who won the Tour de France three times. As his father was named Louis too, it was quickly called Louison not to confuse them.
  • Eighteen Kings of France have given the first name Louis. The patron saint, King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis (1215-1270), was a model of charity and courage. He died on a crusade in Tunis in 1270. For the anecdote, the "louis" of gold owes its name to King Louis XIII who had a coin struck with his effigy and Louisiana, former French possession in the United States, was so called in honor of Louis XIV.
  • His party : August 25th.
  • Its derivatives: Louis, Louise, Alois, Clovis, Gino, Lew, Lewie, Lewis, Lloyd, Ludwig, Luigi, Luis, Louisette ...

Laurent (Fignon)

  • Male first name.
  • From the Latin word "laurus", which means laurel. With him also three Tour de France to his name, the cyclist also deserves his laurels.
  • Saint Laurent was tortured by fire in Rome in the third century. He is the patron saint of the ironers, the cooks and all those who carry out an activity related to the fire.
  • His party : August 10th.
  • Its derivatives: Larrance, Lary, Laurano, Laurence, Laurens, Laurentian, Laurenzino, Laurenzio, Lorentz, Lorenzo ...

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