Tilda Name Meaning And Origin

Tilda Name Meaning And Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name is inspired by the Germanic terms hlod and hilde, meaning "glory" and "combat" respectively.


Actress, producer and British model Tilda Swinton.

Tilda's mother is Mathilde or Maud. Imprisoned by her sons, Maud converted. She dedicated her life to prayer. After her release, she built monasteries, churches and abbeys. She became a nun before dying in 968.

His character :

Tilda has a strong personality from an early age. Battant and persevering, she is not afraid of chess, quite the opposite! They stimulate and push her to never get discouraged despite the difficulties and obstacles. Optimistic, she conveys this positive attitude to those around her. Tilda attaches little importance to wealth and material values. It is particularly by living one's passions that it is fully realized. Not easy to influence, she often relies on her instinct. Tilda is appreciated for her frankness, generosity and smile. Nice, she has no difficulty in forming new relationships.


Tida, Thyda, Thildy and Thida are derived from the first name Tilda.

His party :

The Tilda are celebrated on March 14 in honor of Saint Mathilde or Maud.

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