Twist and flowers sweater

Twist and flowers sweater

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Small flowers and twists for the return of your princess! Presented in the September 2011 issue of, this sweater is made in jersey place and twist stitch. Made separately, the flowers are sewn.

Sizes: 2 years - b) 4 years - c) 6 years


Pilou Quality from PHILDAR

a) 3 - b) 4 - c) 4 Balls color Aubépine

Needles N ° 4 and N ° 4,5

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows

Côtes (see realization next page)

Twist on 6 m.

1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th rank: (place of work) 6 m. in law

2nd rg and all even rgs: 6 m. towards

7th row: slip 3m. on an ea. twisted on the front, work 3 sts in the right place. following then the 3 m. of the aig. twisted.

Always repeat these 10 rows.

Twist on 4 m.

1st row: slip 2 sts. on an ea. twisted on the front, work 2 sts at the same time. following then the 2 m. of the aig. twisted 2nd rg and all rgs even: 4 m. towards

3rd and 5th row: 4 m. in law

Always repeat these 6 rows.


They are essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm stockinette, ea. No. 4,5 = 22 m. and 40 rgs

The 48 m. central panel, aig. No. 4,5 = 17 cm

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