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When to remove the small wheels from his bike?

When to remove the small wheels from his bike?

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Since he saw his girlfriend Justine without stabilizers, your young pedalist has only one word in his mouth: "Me too!" Our advice before starting.

Main stages of this learning

  • Learn the balance. First, choose a flat terrain. Then, remove the small wheels (just unscrew with a wrench). Then, lower the seat until your child touches the ground easily and uses his bike as a kind of scooter to project forward. A push for mom (faster), a push for "crazy-the-handlebars" and so on until he feels the notion of balance. As he touches the ground with his feet, he should not be afraid. Do not forget the encouragements: "bravo, my Poupou!"
  • Introduce the pedaling. Hold the saddle, always very low, and gently remove your hand when you feel that your child has found his balance. Put it back, of course, as soon as he loses it. You can also use a learning cane for sale in some stores. Stay calm and optimistic ... especially when it will fall, because it will happen sooner or later: it is the job that returns! When you feel that he has grasped the movement, that he knows how to brake and turn, raise the seat to a normal height. And let him run, while staying close to him.

Good to know :

  • No need to force your child to ride a bike without stabilizers on the pretext that "it's age" ... Some children are ready earlier than others, that's all.
  • Before embarking on a bike ride with your child, teach them the basics of safety.
  • The first few times, avoid the busy streets.
  • Do not forget the equipment: a helmet, of course, and also, knee pads (rollers).

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