What mask for my skin?

What mask for my skin?

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True masks of care, the masks have specific properties to answer all skin problems: dry, oily, dull or dehydrated. Discover how they beautify your complexion.

How to choose your mask?

The criterion to remember is your skin type:

  • Eliminate impurities and excess sebum your oily skin with a purifying mask.
  • Reduce redness sensitive skin with soothing active ingredients.
  • Limit tugging and discomfort with a moisturizing mask.
  • Smooth your features with components that give a youthful look

What are the secrets of masks?

Highly targeted, the masks meet exactly the requirements of your skin:

  • Purify, with clay and zinc oxide that tighten pores and refine grain.
  • Fight against drought with shea, wheat germ oil and vitamins.
  • soothe, with plants like rose, chamomile.
  • Give a cool shot dull complexions.
  • Wipe off the first fine lines.

The right frequency

It varies according to the action of the different masks:

  • Moisturize from time to time when your skin is suffering from cold, heat or sun.
  • Correct imperfections twice a week.
  • Calming redness and decongest as many times as you like.
  • Mitigate the marks of time once a week.
  • Recovering radiance once or twice a week.

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