Name Isman - Meaning of the Name

Name Isman - Meaning of the Name

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In the Hebrew language, the name Isman refers to "protection".


Isman Muhammad Usman is a brilliant student from the University of Indonesia, known on the international scene.
Isman Omar Houssein is a writer famous for his book entitled At the Crossroads.

His character :

Quiet by nature, Isman is not one to hurry. He takes the time to think about his interests before engaging in any project. Admittedly, this attitude is good in that it rarely fails. Nevertheless, by dint of waiting, others end up ahead.
Isman is undoubtedly a good and generous man. This character trait manifests itself from childhood and gets stronger with age. Favoring simplicity, he attaches little importance to his appearance and look. He is still a beautiful and charming man who attracts a lot of women. Faithful to his line of conduct, he takes the time to identify a woman before engaging with her. Again, his attitude may cost him dear!
With his family, Isman behaves as a diplomatic and impartial man. Despite his difficulty in expressing his feelings towards his family, he is nonetheless a tender and affectionate being. This generous soul will never skimp on the means to help a member of his family. Such an attitude arouses the respect and admiration of those around him.


The first name Isman has no derivatives.

His party :

There is no special day to celebrate Isman.

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