Bleeding in early pregnancy, I'm minus

Bleeding in early pregnancy, I'm minus

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"Pregnant 2 months, I had small losses as if it was an end of the rules, should I worry?" Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, gynecologist, answers the question of Emeline.

The answer of Dr. Yéhouda Benchimol, gynecologist in Paris

  • The brown losses in the first trimester of pregnancy correspond to the elimination of "old blood". This is a common event (about 20% of all pregnancies), most of the time without any serious impact or impact on the progress of the pregnancy. This corresponds to the simple implantation and development of the gestational sac in the uterus.
  • But it is advisable to consult your gynecologist to be examined, to eliminate the causes, rarer, sometimes more serious, such as a pregnancy termination, a threat of miscarriage with egg detachment or an extra pregnancy -Underine, and perform an ultrasound to rule out other causes of bleeding.

The mothers' point of view

  • "A month and a half of pregnancy, I had losses, I called my doctor and he told me that if it continued, I had to consult it.A day later, it was over and I 've never had any bleeding later, watch and wait a few days to see your gynecologist, it's better to go for nothing, than to miss something serious. " Valérie
  • "In the beginning of pregnancy, I had losses, my doctor did tests to make sure it was not a miscarriage, and then on ultrasound I was diagnosed with placental abruption. a lot rested and I gave birth to a beautiful little boy at term. " Mimi

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