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Sleep: no bad habits

Sleep: no bad habits

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A small child who wakes his parents several times in the night or refuses to go to bed at night is not especially a bad sleeper. Rather, he is the victim of bad habits or the absence of firm boundaries imposed by his parents. Our advices.

  • To great ills, great remedies : sometimes you have to start all over again. And especially to teach your toddler that he can fall asleep - and thus go back to sleep during the night - alone, without your arms or anywhere else than in front of the TV. Then, making him understand that at home mom and dad are the only ones to decide. Of course, this "reeducation" company must be accompanied by a lot of tenderness and explanations ...

5-10-20, the winner

  • In concrete terms, how to straighten the shot? Some specialists recommend the technique of progressive learning ... criticized by others.
  • If your child is crying after the ritual because he does not want to sleep or at night because he can not get back to sleep, let him cry for 5 minutes (watch in hand!) without intervening. Then go to his room, tell him gently that he must sleep and go out again. Do not touch him, do not hug him, do not give him something to drink, just words and your presence. If he continues to cry, wait this time for 10 minutes before returning to see him. After reassuring your toddler, get out of his room. This time, you will not return until after 20 minutes. If the crying is still going on, respect this waiting time of 20 minutes between each visit.
  • By applying this treatment, the problem can be solved in four or five nights. But if you do not feel comfortable, just do not insist.

No syrup!

  • Exhausted by sleepless nights, some parents may be tempted to give their recalcitrant sleeper "sleep syrup" time to recover. Behind this appellation seemingly reassuring hides in fact a real sleeping pill with multiple disadvantages. The sleep caused by this hypnotic drug is, in fact, of poor quality: there is a clear decrease in deep slow sleep and paradoxical sleep in favor of a very light sleep, not very restorative on both the physical and psychological levels. In addition, it prevents your child from organizing his sleep in harmonious cycles. In the long run, the remedy is worse than the disease.

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