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A picnic with your family!

A picnic with your family!

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Okay, there may be some showers. But if we are not outside in July, when will we be there? At the beach, in a field, a meadow, and even at the bottom of the garden ... organize a picnic! Your child needs nature. And if you live in the corner, direction Yvelines, which until July 14, project beautiful ... (News 11 and 12/07/09)

Why does your child love picnics?

  • It's out of the routine! No more protocols, hands on the table ... this time, he can wiggle between the sandwich and yogurt and it does not matter if he puts crumbs everywhere: the birds will peck! And then the meal has a whole other flavor when it is extra ... ordinary (enjoy it for him to taste all the fruits of seasons and crunchy vegetables!).
  • There is a small side dinette which puts him in joy. We install a large blanket, funny cutlery or, better, eat with your fingers! And for once that everything is up to it ...
  • Play together, to the yes or no, to the Chinese portrait, to find words that start with "ba", to tell you riddles: what is all gray and very very big (this cloud threatening? but no, the elephant see!).

What is happening in Yvelines?

For the second year in a row, Yvelines Tourisme organizes picnics. The principle ? Everyone brings their picnic and enjoy the entertainment organized for the party. On the program of this long weekend in anticipation:

  • In Maisons-Laffite on July 12th. Appointment at 12 o'clock on the central lawn of the racecourse for a traditional "lunch on the grass" way nineteenth century. On the program, horse races and a guinguette, baptism of ponies, make-up and even a painting contest. Free and free access.
  • At the park of the Palace of Versailles July 14 at 11 am on the banks of the Grand Canal with instructions: to be dressed in white! On the program of the fanfares, a big ball, salsa and bossa ... Free and free access.
  • In Poissy on July 14th. Appointment at 10 am on the exceptional site of Villa Savoye. We will even have the right to visit this monument of Corbusier free that day! Free and free access.
  • In Evecquemont on July 14th, from 1 pm for a big picnic on the basketball court. At 5 pm there will be free distribution of the Andouille bread. And at 10:30 pm the fireworks.

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