Your childcare checklist

Your childcare checklist

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Toilet, change, meal, clothing, walk ... what material to provide for the day you return from motherhood with your baby. Take a look at our list of indispensable baby care products and print it to remember!

For his toilet:

a liquid soap suitable for baby

sterile compresses


a plastic bathtub


a moisturizer

a fogger

alcohol at 70 °

a thermometer for the bath and a baby

a hairbrush with soft bristles

To change it

a changing mat


a paste in the water


For the walk

a comfortable stroller or pram

a car seat adapted to infants

a car bed for long trips

a ventral baby carrier

a parasol

For his meals

a bottle warmer

6 big bottles

a baby bottle brush

a breast pump if you are breastfeeding

milk powder

To dress it up

6-8 cotton bodysuits with snaps

6-8 pajamas

• a turbulette or surpyjama



a hat

2 combinations

a woolen vest

• a cotton vest

cotton squares (for the meal)

Download the PDF checklist to print it.

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