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Is there a grandmother's remedy for breastfeeding?

Is there a grandmother's remedy for breastfeeding?

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You have chosen to breastfeed your baby ... but you are asking many questions about how to proceed. For a 100% successful experience, for you as for your little one, trust these few remedies of grandmother.

Grandma's remedy for soothing sore breasts

  • After a few days of breastfeeding, do you notice that your breasts are particularly sensitive, even a little painful? This is perfectly normal. Highly sought after by baby feeds, the skin becomes very tense and tends to irritate easily.
  • To quickly and easily solve this problem, the following grandmother's remedy is terribly effective: moisten two clean washcloths with ice water, then gently place them on your sore breasts. The relief is immediate.

Grandma's remedy to avoid cracks

  • During breastfeeding, repeated baby suctions weaken the skin of the breasts. Result ? Cracks form at the level of the nipples. Although not serious, the phenomenon remains painful and uncomfortable.
  • To avoid this, some grandmother's remedies are unavoidable. For example, you can apply a few drops of breast milk to your cracked skin after breastfeeding your baby. Particularly rich in fat, milk will tend to deeply moisturize and soothe your nipples.
  • In addition to this grandmother's remedy, you can gently apply massage oils or nursing balms.
  • Think also of some vegetable oils, such as olive oil or sweet almond oil, making sure to wipe your breasts after application. You will quickly find a perfectly hydrated skin, healed and repaired in depth.

Grandma's remedy for a perfect breastfeeding: do not skimp on comfort!

  • Breastfeeding is a special moment that you share with your little one. This is the perfect opportunity to weave and deepen, in two, the bonds of love and tenderness that unite you. The exchange of glances, the skin-to-skin contact, the proximity of the maternal voice or the heartbeat ... all factors that promote the well-being and complicity between mother and baby.
  • So, for your breastfeeding experience to be unforgettable and at best, some grandmother's remedies are especially valuable. To begin, choose a comfortable position that allows you and your baby to be perfectly comfortable. Lying on your back or side, sitting or lying down with your back supported by cushions, it's up to you to choose what is best. Ideally, take care not to be disturbed to fully enjoy this moment of complicity with your child. You will create a bubble of well-being and serenity, conducive to breastfeeding without false note.

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